Fontaine Alissi Successful in Having Claims Against Medical and Dental Providers Dismissed

Connecticut General Statutes §52-190a requires that a case against a healthcare provider be dismissed if the complaint is not served upon the defendant with a report from a “similar health care provider” as defined in that statute. Our Supreme Court and Appellate Court have upheld on appeal decisions of the trial courts enforcing that provision.

In the last six months alone, we have been successful in having six cases dismissed on those grounds. Of the six, three are currently on appeal and hopefully the Appellate Court will sustain the trial courts’ decisions in those cases.

Successful motion practice in this area has permitted us to reduce defense costs and potential exposure to our clients. In order to streamline the motion practice and increase our efficiency in filing these motions, we have designated our partner, Beverly Knapp Anderson, to be our resident expert on the developing law on this issue. This allows us to concentrate the firm knowledge with one partner, resulting in cost efficiency due to less research and writing time required for each motion. In addition, she is better prepared to address questions from the bench during oral argument.